RFID in Transportation

RFID technology can be applied in many different areas in the transportation domain—for example, electronic toll collection (ETC), electronic vehicle registration (EVR), automatic vehicle identification (AVI), fleet management, traffic management, and vehicle positioning. The technology can also be used in car parking, access control, and electronic fare collection. If an RFID tag has been installed in a vehicle, detailed information of the vehicle can be retrieved from the tag when the vehicle passes a reader installed along a road or at the entrance of a building, car park, or tollgate. Hence, the identity of the vehicle can be read, the location of the vehicle together with the route that the vehicle has traveled can be recorded, and the access right of the vehicle can be detected.

Using RFID technology, precise data of actual traffic flowing through a particular road or highway at any period of time can be collected and related, and statistics can be calculated. The analysis of the collected data provides valuable information about the dynamic traffic condition on the road. The information is essential for decision making on traffic control or planning to avoid congestion on highways, tunnels, bridges, or other public-transport infrastructures. RFID is one of the enabling technologies for the development of intelligent traffic management system.

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