M2M Business Transformation

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications is the catalyst for the kind of fundamental business transformation prompted earlier by Information Age breakthroughs like the PC, mobile communications and the Internet.

The ramification of M2M on business transformation is inevitable.  There is virtually no enterprise that cannot benefit from M2M implementation.  On the contrary, the failure of businesses to recognize the inevitability that commerce in the 21st Century will encompass M2M is a prescription for obsolescence.

As an integral enabler of business intelligence, M2M communications is the fourth pillar of the previously described Information Age edifice, reinforcing the whole enterprise with much more than the sum of its parts. With smart computing and communications devices, the mobile web can certainly link the human stakeholders of businesses large and small; but an “Internet of Things” now enables exploitation of the various inanimate endpoints that collect a host of mission-critical data for any business, introducing a whole new dimension to business enterprises in the 21st Century.  The “smarter” the endpoint, the more creativity can be conjured by innovative business leaders who see this capability as a means to achieve a myriad of improvement objectives – all adding up to greater profitability.

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