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Mobile Gaming: The Playground for Cyber-criminals

Handheld device gaming is growing rapidly. It’s no surprise that mobile gaming has undergone a considerable boom recently with Smartphone and tablet gaming becoming a popular commuting and free time activity. Globally, the interactive gaming market is expected to rise … Continue reading

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The Benefits of LTE for Mobile Video

LTE uses a MIMO (multiple input multiple output) system in order to achieve high throughput and spectral efficiency. It uses 2 × 2 (i.e., two transmit antennae at the base station and two receive antennae at the terminal side), 3 … Continue reading

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Smartphone and Tablet User Study

Mind Commerce is conducting a Smartphone User Study to be completed during 1Q 2013.  The study will include technical and non technical users, as well as consumer/retail and enterprise/business users.  Among other results, the study will provide some insights into … Continue reading

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M2M Security and Service Integrity

The issue of relevant protection of assets, people, IPR, client data, systems, processes, services etc. is important and very complex. There are numerous tools and methods to build a proper defense but how the defense should look like depends on … Continue reading

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RFID in Military Training Applications

Outside of the battlefield, the same personnel tracking technology can be applied to the training environment. Location-enabled training environments can facilitate more complex and more realistic training exercises. The system is also suitable for urban indoor and outdoor combat training. … Continue reading

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RFID in Marine Operations

In some parts of the world such as Hong Kong and Singapore, a marine terminal is the critical interchange between production and sales. Problems and inefficiencies in terminal operations can have a costly ripple effect across the whole supply chain. … Continue reading

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Big Data in Industry Verticals

Currently all start-ups in the software industry are jumping in the Big Data markets. The potential of Big Data to bring insights and intelligence into enterprises is a strong motivator, where managers are constantly looking for the competitive edge to … Continue reading

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