Key Next Generation Network (NGN) Application Trends

Key Trends

The Multi-screen Offering Strategy

There is an emerging six screen strategy that includes the traditional (1) TV, (2) PC/laptop, and (3) mobile phone, along with the (4) car, (5) kiosks and (6) fixed station IP-based, communication devices.

High Bandwidth Evolution

The evolution to high bandwidth due to the likes of 4G cellular, WiMAX, and WiFi will usher in a new era of mobile communications in which there is a lot more than just high bandwidth reliant applications such as video on demand, augmented reality and more.  There will be a real expectation of on-demand, anywhere, anytime communications, commerce, content, and applications.  This will be based on everything being cloud-based.

Everything Goes to the Cloud

Everything in the Cloud means that there will no longer be boundaries to a particular network, service provider, application warehouse, etc.   Anything that an end-user may need, whether they are a consumer or business user, will be available in the Cloud.  With this great opportunity comes great challenges as privacy, security, and identity management will be key areas of concern and a need for integrated solutions. 

Bearer Services Become Completely Commoditized

This includes data usage the payload itself becomes the value and the simple carriage of data becomes a marginalized commodity.

Dependence on VAS Applications for Profits

With the marginalization of bearer services, there will be a growing dependence on Value-added Service (VAS) applications for initially top line revenue growth (as data growth tapers off and margins are squeezed) and then for margin growth as bearer services become a cost-plus commodity.

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