Cost Savings the Ultimate Driver for IMS

Service providers will be under pressure to reduce the cost of providing services to improve margins. As they do, they will be looking for the most cost effective means to deliver services and the IMS model architecture will eventually help move carriers to a lower cost structure by centralizing features and services into the Services Plane. In some cases, a common set of Application Servers or Service Delivery Platforms may be able to host services for multiple networks under one service provider corporate umbrella. This is most practical where the carrier has sole ownership of the networks rather than through jointly owned subsidiaries where asset separation may be an corporate requirement.

Overlapping industries tend to become integrated industries. The benefits of a lower cost structure through the IMS architecture may drive service providers to integrate parts of their wholly owned networks to deliver services at lower cost.

Digital technology and the impact it has on the business models of service providers has created a series of new choices for the subscriber to customize their service usage, gain greater control over access to information across a broader range of connectivity and devices than before. This shift in demand patterns will, in turn, cause shifts in the strategies of service providers to meet these changing patterns in demand.

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