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Embedded Computing Market

The global Embedded Computing market in the report includes the Merchant Embedded Computing (MEC) market, the Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) market and the embedded motherboards market.  While the MEC and COTS markets cater to the low volume embedded systems market, the motherboards … Continue reading

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Presence Detection and Presence-based Applications

Understanding Presence in Telecommunications Presence is really not an application by itself but is rather an enabler of applications, adding value to them.  We shall define presence information within a telecommunications context including the state of an object or device, … Continue reading

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Carrier Opportunities in Subscriber Data Management (SDM)

Mobile broadband deployments have revolutionized modern Carrier networks. The emergence of massive volumes of Internet applications, however, has made it clear that they cannot simply remain pipeline providers and that the data traffic and subscriber base deriving from pipelines form … Continue reading

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Cost Savings the Ultimate Driver for IMS

Service providers will be under pressure to reduce the cost of providing services to improve margins. As they do, they will be looking for the most cost effective means to deliver services and the IMS model architecture will eventually help … Continue reading

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IPv4 vs. IPv6 in IMS

If IPv6 address is used, I-CSCF must be defined in DNS and will be used later in “Record-Route” header of SIP messages. I-CSCF will ask HSS for user information, such as the IP address of S-CSCF. But if IPv4 address … Continue reading

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