Convergence of Features will Progress over Time

IMS is a model architecture that carriers will slowly move to adopt in stages. Just as the architecture will evolve and scale gradually, so will the degree of convergence that is achieved over time.

Stage 1:  Price bundling of existing services:

  • package pricing of network functions that are still autonomous
  • service providers will bundle services into trial feature sets rather than gaining greater value by truly integrating the services

Stage 2: Combination of simple related functions into a common handset:

  • without the IMS network architecture to deliver an integrated solution
  • example: a handset that connects for voice and data over 4G wireless networks as well as with fixed or nomadic broadband networks
  • provides voice and data functions but not end-to-end multimedia.

Stage 3: Network elements converge around the IMS standard model:

  • Supports broadband multimedia functions end-to-end along with multimedia handsets

Stage 4: Across the network boundaries:

  • Integrate wireless and wireline networks to share core network nodes and IMS platforms.  Business reasons may limit or preclude this stage.

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