Asian Mobile Gaming Marketplace in 2017

Mobile Gaming has already shown a high growth prospect in Asia. It is expected to grow by 19.8% CAGR over the next 5 years. Mind Commerce has produced a study on 48 countries in Asia-Pacific (APAC), Southeast Asia (SEA), Central Asia (CEA), Middle East (ME) and South Asia (SA).

Mobile Gaming Asia Market 2017

The study addresses various demand drivers/factors including:

  • Mobile gaming demographic analysis
  • Mobile gamers game-play behavior, preference and projection analysis
  • Demography/preferences including: Male vs. Female, Casual vs. Core, “Freemium” vs. Premium, Social vs. Traditional, Tablet vs. Mobile, Smartphone vs. Web Enabled vs. Standard Phone, Regular vs. Irregular, Time and Money Spending dynamics
  • Market Value of 48 countries
  • 27 Asian country analysis
  • 61 telco operator analysis
  • 27 Asian Mobile Game developer analysis
  • Japan & Korea success study
  • 11 case study including China & Russia mobile piracy

For more information, see:

About Mind Commerce

Analysis of telecom and ICT infrastructure, technologies, and applications.
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