Mobile Barcodes as an Engaging Mobile Marketing Tool

Mobile bar code or QR codes have a prominent place in the mobile space especially when it comes to communicating with consumers on a one to one level. Mobile bar code technology allows marketers to convert mass marketing to direct marketing.

The effectiveness of a QR code campaign is highly dependent on driving awareness, crafting a compelling offer, explaining to consumers how to engage and using accessible technology for engagement. The low barriers to entry enable companies to create and print QR codes on anything.   Thanks to numerous free QR code generators available online for this.

Pull technology is the important attribute of mobile bar code. Mobile bar code can be used in so many fields and mediums which is virtually an endless opportunity to use and place in different ways. A growing number of brands are embracing 2D bar codes and other strategies for circulating their print ads in magazine. The top brand categories taking advantage of mobile bar codes are health, beauty, home, fashion, appliances. In a recent study it shows that almost 50 percent of all bar codes used in magazines came from a brand in one of these industries.

For the brands mobile bar code need to implement in the strategic plan and must ensure specific Call to Action. By linking to a mobile commerce site, QR code can be a Call to Action that allows a consumer to instantly convert a purchase, register for more information and engage with the brands via social media like Face book, Google plus or Twitter.

Mind commerce anticipates that mobile bar code redemption value will exceed $50B globally by 2017.

For more information on Mobile bar code and mobile marketing, see:

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