Mobile Marketing Campaign Response Rates: Only as Good as the Incentive and Call to Action

While mobile marketing is still in its infancy, one thing is clear: Response rates are largely bound by the Incentive and Call to Action.

What is an incentive in this context?  It could be to learn more about a product.  It could be about the company.  It could be an offer or discount.  It could also be a specific purpose or cause.  For example, the so called “green movement” is one example of a cause.

2D Barcode focused on Social Cause

In the above picture we see an example of a mobile 2D barcode used for furthering the social cause of living one’s life in a more “green” manner.  Anyone who believes in this cause will be more apt to take the next step to respond to the campaign.  This is where the Call to Action comes into play.

In this context, a Call to Action is what is requested of the reader (of the media/material).  In this case the media is an on-product 2D barcode with the Call to Action of “Heinz will Plant a Tree”.  To the green supporter, this sounds good, and while there is probably some “fine print” somewhere in the response that one receives, this is clearly a strong Call to Action for anyone so inclined to support conservation, more trees, etc.

In this example, the media chosen is a ketchup bottle.  While not many people will see the advertisement, and thus that will limit the response rate, Heinz may also benefit purely form the good public relations that they even care enough to provide the engagement.

While there are probably as many Incentive/Calls to Action as there are people on the planet (or more), the important point is that the technology is not the key issue here.   The solution or ease of use is not even the issue.  The issue is that response rates will be driven largely by the media, incentives, call to action, and other factors.

For more information about Mobile Marketing with 2D Barcodes, see:

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