Augmented Reality in the Cloud Ecosystem/Players

The current players for augmented reality in the cloud are SaaS Providers. Software is more essential in the cloud computing than hardware, Software as a service (SaaS) refers to software in the cloud. Mainly SaaS is a web-based application which makes the software entirely available through the web-browser. There are a lot benefits of the Saas, for example the user do not need to worry about which OS is used to operate the software or which programming language used to write it (e.g., PHP, Java or .NET), so practically the user does not need to install any piece of software on his/her desktop/PDA device.

A good example of the SaaS is Gmail, Gmail users can access their e-mails any where through any desktop/PDA/Mobile device without installing the software on their devices. Unlike Outlook, Apple mail…Etc. The beauty of SaaS is that it gives the users the freedom and functionality at the same time.

SaaS has a lot of benefits for any organization; in the following we will represent the main benefits of the SaaS:

  • Availability via web browser: Users do not need install any kind of software on their devices to access the applications
  • On-demand Availability: unlike other software which require purchasing orders and a lot of sales process hassle to be able to use; Saas-based software just need one time access, and it will be available anytime, anywhere.
  • Payment based on need: Saas-based software does not require setup fees or any kind of infrastructure investment. Users will just have to pay for the service they are using, once they stop using the service, they will stop paying.
  • Minimal IT demands: Saas-based application does not require IT infrastructure (i.e., networks, servers or advance technical knowledge).
  • Multi-tenancy: A multi-tenant application is server-based software that supports the deployment of several clients in a single software instance.
  • Lower service fees
  • Quicker access
  • Greater capacity: capacity planning is always important. When enterprises use hardware they are always worried what will when if they are wrong about the capacity? What will happen if they do not have the enough capital when it’s the time for expansion? This all will vanish with the cloud applications.
  • Disaster recovery: With the cloud computing the entire system can be recovered with matter of minutes, unlike the other infrastructures.

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