Why Augmented Reality in the Cloud?

With the introduction of LTE, augmented reality applications will be processing faster with the high data rates. With the 2G and 3G systems, AR was not fully activated due to the low data rates. AR applications now have the opportunity to perform faster. Applications will be able to download faster which means AR applications in the Cloud are the right choice.

It is now possible that all AR applications will launch in the Cloud without installing the actual software on the device. For Google glasses case, the user will not need to install the applications or store his/her music on the glasses. All will run in the Cloud.

AR in the Cloud will help the device to perform faster; the processor of the device will run faster. In this case, AR applications will be linked to many other applications, content, commerce – many will reside in the Cloud, AR will become a utility that adds value to other applications, many will reside in the Cloud, AR will be tightly linked to User Generated Content that will reside in the Cloud.

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