2D Barcode Mobile Marketing goes Mainstream

Mobile bar codes are popping up everywhere in our world. The increasing use of Smartphones, rapid advancements in their capabilities, and awareness of mobile barcodes facilitates a powerful advertising channel with near infinite opportunities.

Mobile bar code technology allows marketers to convert mass marketing to direct marketing. Marketers must think strategically about the role of the mobile bar codes in their marketing initiatives. The effectiveness of a QR campaign or offer is highly dependent on driving awareness, crafting a compelling offer, explaining to consumers how to engage and using accessible technology.

A mobile QR (quick response) code is a graphical image that stores digital information. Mobile barcodes store information in two dimensions, vertically and horizontally as a pattern of dots. This means that 2D barcodes can store thousands of characters of data.

QR codes are becoming one of the hottest marketing trends, giving businesses and organizations the ability to brand themselves with the click of almost any mobile or handheld device in lightning speed. Once someone snaps a photo of a QR code, they gain instant access to links, texts, ads, videos, coupons, maps, etc.  The possibilities are endless as to how much data can be stored in the bar code, depending on how it’s set up. Mobile barcodes can be used in many ways.

2D Mobile Barcode in Print Media

In the above example, we see a 2D barcode used in a promotional flyer at The Container Store.  This is a great example of how 2D barcodes are use with traditional media – an in-store flyer – to provide a multimedia experience.  This is also a great example of how 2D barcodes may be used for direct response marketing.  It is important to recognize the advertisement’s call to action for direct response is only as good as the advertising creative, offer, reach, and pitch.  In this case, they are offering to the right demographic: college aged people that want to be better organized.

In another example, they can bring static marketing and advertising campaigns on billboards or in press to life with mobile engagement and interactivity. In retail, barcodes can help shoppers by providing additional information on products, such as nutritional or safety details or by adding products to a virtual shopping basket when shopping on the mobile Web. Barcodes can be used for mobile ticketing or promotions such as discount coupons. By embedding mobile barcodes into product or delivery packaging, suppliers and logistics companies can more easily track deliveries and update stock information.

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