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LTE Frequency Spectrum Selection & Fragmentation

LTE can be deployed in existing 2G or 3G bands, and in new spectrum such as 2.6 GHz now being allocated in many regions, and the Digital Dividend bands (700 or 800 MHz depending on region). The spectrum segmentation for … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing Campaign Response Rates: Only as Good as the Incentive and Call to Action

While mobile marketing is still in its infancy, one thing is clear: Response rates are largely bound by the Incentive and Call to Action. What is an incentive in this context?  It could be to learn more about a product.  … Continue reading

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Intelligent Sensors

The advances in the design of embedded systems, availability of tools, and falling fabrication costs allowed for cost-effective migration of the intelligence and control functions to the field devices, particularly sensors and actuators. Intelligent sensors combine computing, communication, and sensing … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality in the Cloud Ecosystem/Players

The current players for augmented reality in the cloud are SaaS Providers. Software is more essential in the cloud computing than hardware, Software as a service (SaaS) refers to software in the cloud. Mainly SaaS is a web-based application which … Continue reading

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A Look in the Rear View Mirror at WiFi in 2007

We covered Public Access WiFi since 2003 and published our last report in 2007.  Since our last report there have been many changes including transformed business models.  Below is a “look-back” at our views in 2007.  How close were our … Continue reading

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Why Augmented Reality in the Cloud?

With the introduction of LTE, augmented reality applications will be processing faster with the high data rates. With the 2G and 3G systems, AR was not fully activated due to the low data rates. AR applications now have the opportunity … Continue reading

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2D Barcode Mobile Marketing goes Mainstream

Mobile bar codes are popping up everywhere in our world. The increasing use of Smartphones, rapid advancements in their capabilities, and awareness of mobile barcodes facilitates a powerful advertising channel with near infinite opportunities. Mobile bar code technology allows marketers … Continue reading

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