A Global Analysis of LTE ARPUs

Driven by tiered price plans and early adoption amongst the enterprise community we are witnessing very high ARPUs on LTE subscriptions. As LTE’s adoption increases among enterprise users in 2012, ARPUs will peak at USD 88 per month worldwide.

Monthly LTE Subscriber ARPU Projections World Average 2011 – 2016 (USD)

Monthly Global LTE Subscriber ARPU 2011 – 2016

However, from 2013 onwards, ARPUs will continue to decrease eventually reaching a worldwide average of 36 USD per month in 2016, representing an overall decrease of 59.10 % or a year-on-year decrease of almost 16.37 %. From a regional perspective Western European and North American Tier-1 operators will continue to retain the a significantly high level of ARPUs to their counterparts in other regions, while the Eastern Europe and Latin & Central America regions will see the lower ARPUs in 2016 at just under USD 20 per month.

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