A Top Digital Marketing Trend

5 Top Digital Marketing Trend 2012 and Gamification

Search marketing, social media marketing, web 2 marketing, mobile marketing, apps marketing, game style marketing – the big question is what’s new in digital space? The media consumption has been disrupted with the increase of net usage via smarphone and obviously makes marketing effort difficult. People are continuously seeking new ways to pass time in internet especially from smartphone. The impacts of smartphone on gaming market are quite incredible:

  • Social gaming market’s penetration rate is 30%
  • 30% smartphone user play games
  • 60% smartphone time consumed by Apps

On web space every consumer brands are continuously facing challenge with User Engagement. Rather than just attracting web traffic, engaging in brands and relating with real life practice are becoming more important.

What does those statistics and info means for? It’s Gamification, a new trend of digital marketing trend. Gamification, as a concept is a technique to maximum user engagement through bringing game elements to non-game environment, where user meets brand in a fun and pleasure way. The key of the process is assessing behavioral pattern of user and choosing right game mechanics that most user thinks and expects. Obviously, it makes sense that brands need to be relevant and accessible in the new style of marketing. The study shows 84% of US interactive marketers had no plans to use games in their 2011 marketing strategies, making social gaming a large, untapped opportunity for marketers. Marketers should start to take note from the marketers who are investing and reaping rewards as social games offer a diverse audience whose size rivals that of network TV audiences. By balancing brand interaction with rewards like game currency, social gaming provides myriad value-exchange marketing options to marketers that place their brands in front of engaged consumers through Gamification.

Gamification: A Top Digital Marketing Trend

Gamification: A Top Digital Marketing Trend

Mind Commerce predictions for 2012 Top Digital Marketing Trends ranks Gamification in top 5 list targeted Gen Xers and Yers find games contextually relevant to audience, outline objectives, identify key metrics, and start play.

To learn more about Gamification techniques and market projections, see:


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