Sony Vita vs. Mobile Gaming

“How much room left for console gaming comparing the growth of casual gaming in Smartphone platform?”

A big dilemma has been speeded up by Japanese electronic giant Sony’s PlayStation Vita launch in North America, Europe, PAL region, Australia and Singapore on February 22, 2012 with its dedicated console gaming device. The quite interesting market positioning of Vita among “Teenagers” raised big question on market potentiality. So far the sales figure of Vita and game title shows the market exists and has growth potentiality.

Selected findings:

  • Currently only 2% Smartphone penetration among teenagers
  • By 2017, the US will hold 60% device market share
  • The average game unit sale is expected to reach 52.5 billion by 2017
  • By 2017, Sony will hold the market lead by 40% market share defeating Nintendo behind
  • Dedicated gaming market to reach 6B gamers by 2017
  • Console market revenue will increase by 53% in 2017

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