Gamification = Gamify + Fun + Brand, not a bullshit, it Exists! Since its inception as a new concept in 2010, has experienced an exponential growth in last year. 2012 is a year of Gamification, it’s not too far when Gamification would be as important as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or eBay. It is a new and trendy technology buzz in digital space securing rank in Top Digital Marketing Trend 2012 and Technology hype cycle. Gamification platform vendors like Bigdoor, Badgeville, Bunchball, Foursquare, Gowalla to name a few proved Gamification industry exists with booming trend across different industry. Nike, Recyclebank, BMW, Starbuck as for example has proved the gamification ROI brings real business value for company. From websites to mobile based solution, enterprise to employee reward, proprietary apps platform to current open source platform, primitive location bases gaming to current brand mash-up, all the way Gamification skyrockets.

Gamification, as a concept is a technique to maximum user engagement through bringing game elements to non-game environment, where user meets brand in a fun and pleasure way. The key of the process is assessing behavioral pattern of user and choosing right game mechanics that most user thinks and expects. It makes the technology more flexible and engaging by addressing specific user’s psychological predisposition and UI (user interface) more interesting for players. The technique is more of attracting non-gamer or non-technical peoples in digital experience & Brand.

Mind Commerce estimates a $150 million current Gamification market states which is expected to grow $3.6 billion by 2017. It is also estimated that by 2017, 80% of Global 2000 organizations will have gamified apps or process. Mind Commerce say it’s a call to Gamify business = User Engagement = Brand Loyalty = Sales = Cash.

Some Other Key Findings include:

  • Gamification is ranked 4th in Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2012
  • US leads the market with 98% market stake equivalent to $ 147 and is predicted to reach $ 3 billion market value by 2017
  • Mobile platform gamification is expected to increase to 90% in US by 2017
  • The education, healthcare and financial sectors will increase 50% by 2017
  • The biggest move will be occur at completion phase in Gamification adoption process by 167% increase in 2017
  • The notable rise will be in Brand loyalty metrics perceived by brands, which is expected to rise 86% by 2017. This means Gamification into social initiatives is a must outcome

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About Mind Commerce

Analysis of telecom and ICT infrastructure, technologies, and applications.
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