Smartphone Impacts Digital Media

How Smartphone Changed Digital Media?

Few years back, “Have you ever thought of spending most of your time with mobile?” The answer is no except the tech entrepreneur like Steve Jobs. The fascinating experience was with web only. The digital media’s best ever thought shift was print to internet platform. Everybody including Brands was keen to harness the internet opportunity. But, the mobile that holds more power than internet in reaching consumer were kind of out of the scene primarily considered a Person – Person communication device. The like Apple followed by Samsung, HTC, NOKIA changed the concept and successfully made a revitalization in mobile market through Smartphone. The functionality of Smartphone grew rapidly along with network standard shifted from 3G, LTE/4G, technology Platform changed from closed source to open source, Android is the best example.   It mainly changed the mobile concept to 1 – 1 communication device between Brand & User. The beauty is in no time bar in reaching and customized reach. We say, the most powerful thing on the world is now Smartphone, the debates are welcome but we count how it changed the digital media and our daily lives. The gaming, photography, digital distribution, global health, social networking, entertainment all has been affected by Smarphone. Few amazing data are:

  • 21% play game in Smartphone
  • 27% female over thirty spend more time with Smartphone comparing male counterpart
  • Smartphones accounted for 27 % of total photo shots
  • Among total Smartphone user:
    • 50% shots are Photo mainly fun, casual and spontaneous moment
    • 55% shots are Video capturing fun, casual monent
    • Smartphone is going on microscopes with Skylight sometime in March 2012
    • In Social Media Industry:
      • Facebook’s grew 50% mobile audience in 2011 comparing previous year
      • Twitter’s skyrocketed with 75% user
      • LinkedIn user grew by 69% in 2011
      • 59% Smartphone application revenue are from Entertainment
      • 33% digital posting is now mobile

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