Global LTE Infrastructure Revenue

As of Q4 2011, thirty eight mobile network operators worldwide had launched fourth-generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks commercially. Despite a slow ramp and spending stall on overall cellular network infrastructure in 2011, the industry is witnessing sustainable spending acceleration for the LTE wireless infrastructure equipment. Key drivers are higher data speeds of up to 20 Mbps, simplified all-IP networks and the commercial availability of more than 200 4G LTE – enabled devices.

Global LTE Combined Infrastructure Revenue 

As the market is taking off driven by early LTE efforts, LTE revenues have reached over $ 2.1 Billion, up from $ 0.6 Billion in 2010. However, the present LTE infrastructure revenue only accounts for 4 % of the overall 2G/3G/4G cellular network infrastructure market. However, operators are increasing starting initiatives to rollout 3G HSPA +, LTE, edge routing, VoIP as well as video services. Developed markets, such as North America, Japan and several Tier 1 operators in Western Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific are the major drivers behind LTE growth. Growing at a CAGR of over 45 %, global LTE infrastructure revenues will account for more than 13 Billion USD by 2015.

Global LTE Infrastructure Revenue

LTE Revenues vs. Overall 2G/3G/4G Infrastructure Spending (USD Billions)

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