Google in Mobile Marketing and Commerce

We see many opportunities for Google to take advantage of innovations, whether through M&A and/or through leveraging partnerships with certain companies.

Commerce is an important field for Google. While it’s related to mobile business or social business, the online commerce has evolved in the past years. Google is always attempting to enhance online commerce business through evolution of many factors like online advertisements and employing mobile technologies.   However, there are some threats regarding Google Wallet project, where Google has strong investment.   Based on this point, Google is willing to accept many new promising ideas, and may invest more to overcome such big threat in this business.

As we discussed in the Web business section, we see Google moving beyond mere advertising and payments.  We see Google focusing on the greater commerce spectrum and relying heavily on a key focus on wireless/mobile.  For example, there are many opportunities within next generation mobile commerce.

For example, in the area of tablet computing, we see Google both keeping up with the competition as well as developing new integrated commerce offerings.  Consumers use smart phones not to call their friends, but to consume data and media services.   That puts smart phones in the same market space as tablets.  The devices mimic each other in services and features, particularly when you consider that tablets can also make video calls via Skype and Face-Time.  The only essential difference is user experience, reflecting the disparity in screen size.  We envision Google developing applications and integrating services to support a variety of commerce scenarios.

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