Smartphone Driven Market

With one billion smartphone shipment target by 2016, there is clearly a huge market opportunity involving smart applications, services, and related infrastrucutre. Within last few years the world experienced a dynamic shift in data usage growth indeed fostered a rapid smartphone proliferation. From individuals daily usage to business integration in marketing have largely been affected by this awesome user behavior paradigm shift. Today reaching Smartphone user is a constant challenge for every business including Smartphone business itself.  Few interesting smartphone market shifts are:

  • 89% users embedded Smartphone into their daily life
  • 90% users take action on Smartphone search
  • 95% users search local information
  • 79% searchers rely on Smartphone while shopping
  • 71% users search because of Ad

Smartphone coupling with mobile social network users also heavily contributed to smartphone advances and mobile data usage growth that is predicted to increase ten-fold by 2015. The buzz of Facebook phone, Amazon phone, Google + phone are likely the next big catalyst for further step-function like growth. The dynamics of mobile SocNets markets are:

  • 3 in 5 Smartphone users access social networks
  • 7 in 10 mobile social networkers post status updates
  • Facebook holds 50% lead in mobile social networks with 60M user base
  • Interestingly women rules mobile social media

For detail and additional information, see:

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