Smartphone Evolution

In 2011, 472 million Smartphone were sold worldwide, rising to 1 billion by 2016. Smartphone now account for 17% of all global mobile handset sales. Particularly in US 43% mobile people are using Smartphone which is an equivalent figure of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.  The Smartphone market is currently considered as the fastest-growing segment of the mobile handset market and it will continue to outpace the overall handset market for the foreseeable future. User friendly platform and evolving user behavior pattern are responsible for its exponential growth. Among the four major operating platforms Android lead the market with 47% market share beating Apple’s who has 29%. However 57% mobile operating profits are in Apple’s basket. The apps market dynamics and customer higher customer loyalty has given them to achieve the mark. The user behavior pattern has also experienced a major shift from voice to data centric in last year and sleek design of handset.

Recent metrics include:

  • 50% smartphone users purchase via mobile
  • 45% of smartphone users check email constantly throughout the day
  • 32% of smartphone users check Facebook at least once per day
  • 78% of Japanese smartphone users browse online from their mobile
  • 90% of smartphone users search local information in US and Japan
  • 76% of smartphone users utilize location check-in services
  • 56% of smartphone usage is with applications
  • 60% of end-users connect to social networks via mobile

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