Next Gen Mobile Commerce

In the US market it’s kind of different, There is application that runs on iPhones called shopkick, Shopkick pays consumers “kickbucks” — reward coupons — just for checking in when they enter Best Buy, American Eagle, Macy’s, or other participating retailers.

Additional kickbucks are available for performing particular actions — for example, scanning a poster on a store’s dressing room wall into the iPhone camera. The kickbucks can be redeemed for gift cards and donations to charitable causes. Moreover, when shoppers at Best Buy show their iPhones running Shopkick to the cashier, they receive instant discounts.

Combining the location-finding power of the global positioning system (GPS), the ubiquity of the cell phone, and the creativity of online marketing, Shopkick and many similar applications are altering the consumer landscape. At a time when retailers are struggling to reach customers, who have become more and more hesitant to spend in a soft economic environment, this new use of technology will divide retailers further. The early adopters of m-commerce will have greater opportunities to influence shoppers in real time as they build “in the moment” customer analytics capabilities. Lagging merchants will increasingly see customers browsing their aisles while tuning in to their smartphones to check reviews, compare prices, and make deals with competitors on the spot. In short, m-commerce blurs the distinction between websites and bricks-and-mortar outlets, linking disparate operations and making the Internet a pivotal sales engine for the first time for many retailers — and highly dangerous for others.

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