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Smartphone Driven Market

With one billion smartphone shipment target by 2016, there is clearly a huge market opportunity involving smart applications, services, and related infrastrucutre. Within last few years the world experienced a dynamic shift in data usage growth indeed fostered a rapid … Continue reading

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Mobile Commerce Market

Mobile application stores are getting more attention lately. It has been a new source of revenue for the mobile operators. In the UK O2 is considering a revenue-share plan with handset vendors, where they would only pay 50% upfront for … Continue reading

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RFID Basics

The main factor that characterizes the RFID system is the Tags. Before we dive into the details of the tags it’s important to know about the readers, it is to be noted that generally a Passive Tag reader can’t read … Continue reading

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Smartphone Evolution

In 2011, 472 million Smartphone were sold worldwide, rising to 1 billion by 2016. Smartphone now account for 17% of all global mobile handset sales. Particularly in US 43% mobile people are using Smartphone which is an equivalent figure of … Continue reading

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Google in Mobile Advertising

Google’s mobile advertising business continues to fuel impressive growth for the online search engine pioneer. The company estimates its mobile advertising revenues will likely generate in excess of $2.5 billion a year and growing. Google generates 97 percent of its … Continue reading

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Smart Grid

Segment the Smart Grid domains into different wireless environments/groups that could use similar sets of requirements. The Smart Grid “market” has many moving parts. There are hundreds of vendors, large and small, providing software, hardware and solutions at every layer … Continue reading

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Mobile Application Store Market Predictions

The mobile application stores market, while complex, has stabilized on a retail store model. The players might change, but I don’t expect the model to change anytime soon. We have identified fifteen different stores. Handset Vendors, Network Operators, development consortiums … Continue reading

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