Google Acquisitions

Google Acquisitions in Social Media

The most important business direction is moving towards social business. Many new ideas have been introduced to base on social and demographic data. The future will make the most of using such social networking data in implementing new ideas. Google has a promising future related to social business due to the successful launching of Google+, the attractive social network from Google which successfully owns more than 20 million users today.

Some of the current advantages of Google+ involve integration wherein Google is making use of each tool developed before to integrate it into a single place. For example, Google is utilizing Google Talk for chatting, Google Docs for online documentation and sharing, Google Video and YouTube for video sharing, etc.  At the same time, Google+ is providing new services, with new ideas, that attracts people – and almost forces them – to come to Google+ instead of other social networks.

To date, Google seems to be attempting to differentiate is social business offering against its main competitor, Facebook, by targeting businesses directly.  More specifically, Google is offering for businesses to develop their own business page through Google +.  The new feature closely resembles Facebook’s pages feature, giving businesses a reason to care more about Google’s 1 billion monthly unique visitors.

We see this as just one step in Google’s roadmap to take over the social element of marketing, which includes more than just advertising.  Google has a unique opportunity to monetize what Facebook has not been able to – the social selling element.  Heretofore, Facebook is all about advertising and not focused on referral or reference selling.  Google needs to capitalize on this and this is the first step.

We believe this will be a successful strategy and that there will be many application integration opportunities, some of which will come from outside firms rather than being developed in-house by Google.

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