Wireless Broadband Services

Wireless broadband services are critical to the next wave of development in information technology.  Wireless networks and provide mobility and ease of installation, a factor which is significant in the rapid uptake of mobile telephone technology across the developing world where fixed network infrastructure would be prohibitively expensive to install.  Broadband provides access to multimedia to high-speed Web applications and searching to social networks and to voice over Internet.

Wireless broadband combines the advantages of these two technologies to create an infrastructure capable of supporting the highly sophisticated and enhanced mobile applications of the future.  Wireless broadband has come into media attention through the high-speed rollout of smart phones such as the Apple iPhone and Google Android based handsets, plus the new range of tablet computers including both the IFAD and its clone and, significantly a range of low-cost sub $100 tablet systems based around android that are being produced in abundance in China.

In addition to these devices that traditional laptop has also been increasingly adapted to work with wireless networks as a means of providing standard computing on a remote basis for office workers and individuals who need to keep in touch with their office applications and business networks while they are in transit or operating out of little remote locations.

At the present time, technologies for wireless brand broadband are in a state of rapid transition.  There are some established wireless broadband services, particularly around Wi-Fi/WLAN or wireless LAN services which operate in a local area only.  At present technology that expands wireless broadband to wider ranges is being developed and deployed.  Much of this activity is occurring within the cellular area where there are questions as to which technology will eventually succeed, how it will be deployed, and how much bandwidth constitutes a true broadband solution.

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