Mobile Marketing Update

The pervasiveness of mobile devices, coupled with the vast improvements in mobile advertising technological capabilities, compels us to be quite bullish on mobile advertising campaign spending through 2012. Mind Commerce estimates that global spending on mobile advertising and marketing initiatives will reach nearly $37.5 billion in 2012, a near 15% compounded annual growth rate since 2008. The Asia-Pacific region is leading the mobile charge and will chalk up an estimated budget of $15.8 billion in 2012. In comparison, Europe’s spending on mobile advertising in 2012 will be about half as much ($7.9 billion) while North America’s spending for 2012 will be $11.2 billion. Europe, however, represents the fastest growing global region for mobile advertising spending. Countries such as the United Kingdom and Spain have grown their spending at a five-year CAGR rate of more than 30%.

Mobile marketing’s success over a period of a few years is directly attributed to the growing downward pressure on marketing and advertising executives to grow brand awareness while keeping expenditures low during tough economic times. Marketers continue to view mobile as an affordable advertising option with impressive return on investment and traceable, actionable customer insights. Moreover, the mobile marketing industry continues to benefit from the exponential growth in mobile Web users who click-through from mobile banner ads, text ad messages, and premium ad videos. Japan, for example, has 121.2 million mobile subscribers (95 percent of the population) of which 120 million have 3G handsets (99 percent of handsets) and 98 million are mobile Internet subscribers.

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