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Google Acquisitions

Google Acquisitions in Social Media The most important business direction is moving towards social business. Many new ideas have been introduced to base on social and demographic data. The future will make the most of using such social networking data … Continue reading

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Wireless Broadband Services

Wireless broadband services are critical to the next wave of development in information technology.  Wireless networks and provide mobility and ease of installation, a factor which is significant in the rapid uptake of mobile telephone technology across the developing world … Continue reading

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Mobile Application Development Toolkits

The current application development model (based on Apple’s iPhone) is that the handset manufacturer provides an application development toolkit, usually free, to anyone interested in developing applications for their handset.  The toolkit includes that actual development tools, test tools and … Continue reading

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Global Cellular Handset Update

The global recession has impacted the volume of mobile handsets in recent years.  This trend has not been seen in equal measure across all segments. While demand on the mid-tier fell away, sales of new smart phones has grown, due … Continue reading

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Next Generation Messaging

SWOT Analysis – Incumbent Carrier Messaging Services Strengths User Friendly: With pre-build in with mobile handset, user does not require any self installation/configuration for the SMS/MMS, easy to use. Strong with service availability and coverage: with the benefits of great … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing Update

The pervasiveness of mobile devices, coupled with the vast improvements in mobile advertising technological capabilities, compels us to be quite bullish on mobile advertising campaign spending through 2012. Mind Commerce estimates that global spending on mobile advertising and marketing initiatives … Continue reading

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WiFi Becomes a Commodity Service

Wi-Fi deployments come in a wide variety of models suited to different purposes, and the competitive landscape is filled out by major telcos and cellular services providing thousands of hotspots; hotspot specialty providers; institutional hotspot providers; and various types of … Continue reading

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