Location Mediation for LBS Applications

Anyone with a smart phone and a data plan can easily obtain and use location-based and
location-aware services. However, there are issues that come with that ease of use including privacy and a one-to-one relationship between end-user and LBS application provider. The current environment is sub-optimal in terms of functionality and consumer protection. Our research indicates that the location brokering model will evolve to encompass mediation functions and ultimately lead to location federation.

What is Mediation?

The mediation function in telecom terms pertains to a function that routes or acts on information passing between network elements and network operations.

What is Location Mediation?

Location mediation is a function of managing location data that passes between network elements and network operations.  Location data includes everything from geo-coded data to attribute data associated with location-enhanced and location-based services.
The location mediator ensures that each party in the ecosystem exchanges data with each other, as pre-determined based on teaming agreements, as well as ensuring the AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) function.

Beyond mediation lies a future of location federation.  Federation can be viewed as a meta-version of mediation in which there is a root-level mediator that ties together all of the
other mediators within a federation.   This enables the exchange of location data, at the appropriate level, even between competing parties.

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