Since 2003, Kore Wireless Group Inc, is known for its wireless services throughout the globe. Based in Alpharetta and having presence all over the world, the company has penetrated almost every segment of the society with its alarm, tracking, homeland security
and other asset management system.

Kore has been able to leverage its expertise in the M2M fields however in order to dominate the status this year in June 2011 the company announced the definitive acquisition of the Melbourne based wireless network provider Mach Communications Pty Ltd. Subsequently the final steps for the acquisition after the unanimous approval of all its
shareholders are now completed.

According to popular researches from notable organizations,  Asia-Pacific M2M growth is expected to overtake the growth in North  America by over 25 percent during the next 5 years with a predicted CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of over 26 percent.

During the first part of this
year Kore announced the commercial delivery of its most anticipated Global Connect integrated worldwide cellular and satellite services and capabilities through its delivery platform “PRiSMPro”. This is achieved by utilizing the global communication delivery platform, however the acquisition over Mach strengthens and enforces KORE’s capabilities and support wings with a special focus on the M2M Support sector especially in the Asia Pacific region.  Thus the primary signature of Mach Communications would be translated to Kore Wireless Asia-Pacific in the forthcoming weeks.

The vice president and general Manager(Mach/KORE Asia-Pacific) Shane Murphy added “Since 2005, Mach has built a great reputation around our superior service support and long-term account relationship. Many of our customers are now demanding broader service and support access, and we believe that the combined company will address these
growth needs far more effectively than any other organization, including wireless carriers”

The fast adoption of M2M services and solutions required secure, uninterrupted and reliable data communication and faultless support 24/7. The acquisition of Mach Communications makes this even more achievable and robust for KORE admitted “Alex Brisbourne” president and COO, KORE Wireless Group Inc. Furthermore he also explained how positive and excited the Mach team is to become a part of the KORE family and the customers who understands how they would benefit from this acquisition.

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