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Mobile Applications have taken over the mobile industry and are changing the way we use our phones forever.  Less than a decade ago our phones changed from portable telephones into mobile computing platforms providing us with a variety of information at our
fingertips.  This paradigm shift has changed the industry in broad sweeping strokes: it has changed carriers, attracted software and hardware companies, and even created its own standards for web development.  The largest of carriers are changing policy, rate plans, and network access to accommodate the growing market.  Software giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Palm, BlackBerry, and others have millions of dollars invested in their
mobile operating systems.  Hardware manufacturers are finding new and innovative ways to make viewing and using our new mobile platforms more intuitive.  Giants of the World Wide Web such as Amazon do their best to ensure that their bread and butter web applications work on your mobile as well.

Why did Steve Jobs and Apple Computer invest $53 Million in research and development to bring the iPhone to market?  Why did Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Google risk $4.6 Billion on the FCC’s 700 MHz auction?  They all see the profit potential in wireless technology and in the development of Mobile Apps.

For years mobile handset manufacturers, mobile operating system developers, and wireless carriers have worked hard to innovate the mobile markets.  There have been many success stories, but they were slow to bring to market.  SMS took years to realize its monetary potential, and MMS still struggles to stay relevant.  The mobile web has been slow in consumer acceptance as well.  For many years we have wanted our mobile devices to be more than just a telephone, but many attempts were difficult to use and slow.

However recent technological advancements are removing the barriers of before.  Phones are becoming smarter, more powerful and more extensible.   Wireless data is getting faster and cheaper.  Devices are capable of connecting to multiple data networks.  All of these evolutionary changes are accelerating the mobile application development market.  This acceleration creates new opportunity for business, and is what attracted Apple, Google and others to enter the market.

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