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Unlike generalized convention that Third  World countries offer little or no market for convergence in finance, banking and, or, other technology-oriented solutions, opportunities exist, and continue to unfold, except “they do not float about on a silver platter.”

They are defined and created by the players who want a share of this market and most of the lucrative dividends lie in the future as long as they are preceded by an intentional, reach-out strategy to build acclimatization with users and market demands. Moreover, as trends over the last 10 years have shown, it is estimated, the number of people with access to computers and cell phones will increase potentially enlarging the volume of users of technology solutions.

The low cost evidenced by the GoogleSMS model is interpreted as being indicative of the low cost involved in “testing” the Third  World market. This is construed to imply the idea is tenable and companies have a “built-in” opening to affect consumer behavior as it takes
shape around solutions they create to take advantage of the largely “uncharted waters” in the innovation space.

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