Mobile Commerce 2011

Mobile Commerce is emerging as one of the key applications and business drivers for 2011 and beyond.  Whether it is monetizing mobile advertising and marketing, enabling mobile incentives and coupons, mobile payments, or facilitating mobile at the point of sale, mobile commerce has caught the attention of the entire ecosystem.  The ecosystem consists of mobile network operators, infrastructure, software and application providers, as well as merchants and their supporting financial companies (payments, banking, clearing and settlement, etc.) 

The Mind Commerce report Mobile Commerce 2011 is a must read for anyone considering deploying mobile payments, mobile advertising/marketing, and/or integrating with financial systems.  There is great benefit across the value chain including mobile network operators, vendors, and financial institutions to understand the opportunities and challenges, forecast, and expected future of mobile commerce.  This research provides analysis of technologies, solutions, opportunities and challenges facing the industry.  This research also provides a view into the future of mobile commerce with critical analysis of the emerging economic environment including scenario analysis.

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About Mind Commerce

Analysis of telecom and ICT infrastructure, technologies, and applications.
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