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Google SMS

Unlike generalized convention that Third  World countries offer little or no market for convergence in finance, banking and, or, other technology-oriented solutions, opportunities exist, and continue to unfold, except “they do not float about on a silver platter.” They are … Continue reading

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Positioning Methodologies

There are many methods for positioning, but they do not all make sense for telephony.  Therefore, many of the methods possible are not employed for positioning cellular mobile devices.  We provide a brief introduction to each of those methods here.   … Continue reading

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M2M Politics, Privacy and Regulatory

M2M  is certainly more cost-effective and widespread than its predecessor telemetry and SCADA services. M2M brings many benefits, but despite the ease and cost with which it can be rolled out, M2M will have a few hurdles to clear, such … Continue reading

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Mobile Commerce 2011

Mobile Commerce is emerging as one of the key applications and business drivers for 2011 and beyond.  Whether it is monetizing mobile advertising and marketing, enabling mobile incentives and coupons, mobile payments, or facilitating mobile at the point of sale, … Continue reading

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