BLUETOOTH Proximity Marketing Use-Case

BlueUmbrella presents an innovative approach to the applied-use of the existing Bluetooth technology and services available in most feature and smart phones as well as PDAs. The BlueUmbrella solution uses tiny, low cost beacons installed in a known indoor location in the area like a mall or store. A simple US$10 beacon inside a retail store and throughout the mall provides the proximity triggering mechanisms for fast and easy deployment of data to consumers – with accuracy below 1m. 

According to BlueUmbrella CEO Ehud Mendelson, “We have 14 patented applications that comprise the total indoor solution that can be used by retailers to provide quick directions to specific isles and merchandise, delivering coupons to drive traffic into stores from the mail mall, and assist in locating parking places. In an emergency, the solution can provide consumers with alarms and alerts with location of nearest exits.” 

Challenge 1: Cost. 

Challenge 2: Consumer privacy. Consumers are savvy and cautious about releasing personal information to unknown entities including retailers. Most recently, Google was cited for gathering snapshots of personal messages throughout Europe. Governments in Europe continue file lawsuits against Google on behalf of their citizens. 

Challenge 3: Indoors. 

Result: BlueUmbrella has designed SalesSense to provide consumer privacy while giving retailers the ability to gather critical data necessary to push individually customized relevant information back to nearby consumers.

The SalesSense solution extends Bluetooth naming protocols by recognizing an individual device name as explicit instructions to trigger actions in real-time. The actions are based upon the handset owner/retail consumer opt-in to provide preferences on what information to receive without communicating personal identification A consumer can choose to receive merchandise sales data based on preferences chosen such as women’s or men’s items, young attitudes or conservative, sales greater than 20% discounted only, casual, formal, evening , or day. 

Additionally, using tracking, the solution – learns – an individual’s habits and tailors the data sent to the handset. 

Mendelson shared, “The solution requires no expensive infrastructure build-out by mall development, minimal human resource investment by mall management, and no subscription to GPS or WiFi services.” 

Using simple Bluetooth, BlueUmbrella is able to provide a solution for indoor proximity-based marketing to drive traffic into stores when buyers are most ready, willing, and able to spend money. 

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