Where can the leaders in E911 grow if they own the market at saturation?

Can NG 9-1-1 expand business lines? 

Intrado helps wireless operators locate mobile device users during emergencies by managing geographic and intelligence databases and associated.  Intrado also routes calls nationalfixed telecos, major Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs), and Competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC; mobile voice operators; and VoIP Service Providers (VSPs). 

TCS software enables wireless carriers to deliver short text messages and location information to and from mobile phones. The government customers receive design, installation and maintenance of integrated data and voice services via satellite and terrestrial links. TCS owns and operates secure satellite teleports and resells access to sat airtime. 

Openwave provides middleware to authorize a location request against business and subscriber privacy rules. 

Technocom provides quality assurance and call center services, as well as location-based marketing for all communication exchanges and carriers. 

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