Top 5 Emerging Wealth Markets for Location Based Services and Applications

Brazil is the fastest growing market for mobile applications that integrate location based services and navigation.  Brazil’s has a USD $1.6 trillion economy and has become an entrepreneurial and venture capital hot bed. According to the Latin American Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), there are nine prominent VCs driving the majority of investment capital including Antera, Confrapar, DFJ FIR Capital, Monashees Capital and Status Capital. 

Together they managed USD $1.9B in assets. Currently, there are 123 national institutes of science and 400 incubators.  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects Brazil’s economy to grow 7.1% in 2011. Additionally, the decade ahead will experience tremendous growth supported by Brazil’s abundant natural resources, stable government, sophisticated banking sector, a growing middle class that now comprises about half the population of 190 million. 

Further, the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics is driving real estate and infrastructure development. While Brazil has a high prepaid mobile subscriber base, it also has a high net-worth – there is substantial spending power for applications.  Additionally FIFA World Cup will drive development of mobile soccer applications for a country with a mobile population that is passionate about games, particularly those with a location element.  Additionally, LBS Ads and shopping will boom in coming years and the timing is ideal to carve out a significant market niche for mobile proximity marketers that enable directional navigation. 

More about Brazilian wireless economics along with insights covering four other leading emerging wealth markets for LBS is presented in the ground breaking real-world research entitled, The 2011 Ultimate Guide:  Location Based Services and Applications. The publication analyzes the location-based services ecosystem and provides a portfolio of strategic technologies, market insights, and advanced business levers. 

Over 160 companies are in the report with analysis of leading applications. The research confirms a continued market opportunity for navigation as well as personal safety applications that rely upon location determination. Our research into LBS includes various use cases for non-traditional location determination including the use of mobile WiMAX, peer-to-peer m-commerce, RFID and other proximity methods. 

The report provides profiles and case study analysis of products and services provided by leading companies such as American Movil, Apple, Brazil Telecom, Cobra Automotive, deCarta, Google, IBM, LocationLabs, NAVTEQ, Nokia, TCS, Telefonica, Qualcomm, Verizon, WaveMarket, and more. The report also considers the merits of location developers Placecast, Layar, Bloomberg, eBay, Junaio, Creativity Software, FourSquare, MECOMO, Thomson Reuters, WHERE, and more to determine usefulness in corporate and/or product strategy, marketing partnerships, and sales planning. Lead Analyst, Tina Whitfield, also identifies the top ten product categories and top five geographic markets for LBS applications. 

The report is written by industry veteran, Tina Whitfield, is must reading for anyone considering the many potential LBS applications, suppliers, and markets for delivery. 

More information about the report is available from Mind Commerce at: 

A report brochure is available for download (PDF) from Mind Commerce at:

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