Mobile Local Advertising Platform Providers

Brands, marketers, and Ad buyers and sellers have traditionally advertised to groups through broadcast communications including radio and television, print, and outdoor. 

Online marketers use both mass communications and direct marketing; first engaging consumers through mass communications such as display Ads and search engine listings that rely on consumers’ behavioral interaction with the advertising to determine the next level of engagement which for direct marketing using tools such as email. 

Mobile marketers do not have industry-wide best practices for advertising, though they are trying through organizations such as the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).  Why haven’t organizations such as the MMA been as successful as they could be?  The reason is simple; most mobile marketers come from online marketing and are trying to hammer a square idea into a conceptual circle, thus cutting off crucial success factors.  It is this very approach that has stalled the evolution and monetary potential of mobile marketing. 

Prior to the introduction of mobile marketing, for almost two decades, the mobile ecosystem was a smoothly functioning organism.  It was founded and managed through partnerships, alliances, and relationship sales.  The solutions built by handset manufacturers, wireless carriers, firmware and software developers, application developers, app store-fronts, and customers rested upon the delicate balances of collaboration and cooperation. 

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