Solutions in the M2M Business Model

Asset Tracking 

This service is a mobile GPS/GPRS based system networked on the central server. Usually monitored devices are put on a wireless network and installed in remote equipment which sends DATA directly to the central server. This type of solution is mainly aimed at tracking the location and statues of fixed and mobile assets. This can range from Vehicles, cargoes, goods in transit and other monitored assets. This is a  24/7 service offered with a continuous surveillance technology for tracking fixed and moving objects with high value with an emphasis on effectiveness at reduced operational costs. 

Automatic Metering 

These services use the same principle as that of the asset tracking but the only difference is that it’s aimed at sending meter Reading of a specific remote machine to a central host or server. This meter reading can be a measure from pressure, temperature, watts, voltage and other ratings. The data collected over the network from all the meters is then sent to the central server for processing or billing. Generally this application is aimed at getting automated electricity readings from the client premises effectively and efficiently. They can work on CDMA, GSM and GPRS wireless network systems. 

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