Using M2M To Remain Competitive

A company that adopts an M2M solution may improve its customer care or overall performance. The particular M2M solution may never deliver a direct ROI, but the operation’s improved performance as a result of the M2M solution’s implementation has allowed the company to remain in the top spot it strives to occupy. 

It is important that the dynamics of ROI are understood, as it is plainly not just based on the direct savings that can be gained from implementing an M2M solution. In the past, a return-on-investment analysis of wireless-enabling an operation often resulted in a wait-and-see conclusion. In adopting M2M from scratch, the approach warrants a more scientific and objective approach, since the adoption of M2M as a strategy and a tool is a very serious business undertaking. 

To meet the objective of determining if an enterprise requires or can warrant an M2M solution, the operation should initially evaluate workflow patterns to determine areas where required device and machine status information is largely accessible to users. Secondly, it should then be determined where access to the information requires a substantial disruption of the individual worker’s or operation’s daily business processes and company operations.  If accessing this information requires time, further expenses and risk, it can be immediately deduced that accessing such information through M2M would enhance the company’s operations and overall efficiency.

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