Hybrid TV

Pure-IPTV (also known as TelcoTV) has generally not proven attractive to customers; their expectations are set by the broadcast TV service they receive on Satellite, Cable or over the air. Those expectations include channel line-up, picture quality and geographic availability.  Hence most successful Telco TV deployments have used hybrid TV (using both broadcast TV and IPTV) to meet customers’ requirements. 

At first sight there would appear to be little cause for confusion on what hybrid TV means, it’s simply the combination of broadcast TV and IPTV for the delivery of a TV service.  However, there are many misunderstandings given the variety of broadcast technologies and the variety of ways TV can be supported over IP.  

Hybrid TV is the delivery of a TV service through both broadcast and IP, for example many European telecom companies use both the free to air digital terrestrial TV (DTT) for broadcast services complemented by a network-centric IPTV services over a managed IP network or a network-agnostic service over the internet / unmanaged IP network. 

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