WiMAX Mesh Networks

WiMAX as broadband mesh covering entire cities has been stalled. So, while 802.16 is not the best solution for big cities with high-rise buildings when deployed as a traditional base station solution, under a mesh design, cities can provide power for mobile Internet access for smart phones, lap tops, news readers, in addition to enterprise level business access. 

Under a mesh solution, location-based services become elevated with possibility. Yet, deployments are barely proceeding past pilot phases. 

Cost, politics, power, and control are major obstacles to broadband mesh. Most City managers prefer projects employ the most local labor to reduce dependency on social services while enhancing spending and tax payments by local residents. Additionally, they prefer projects that are proprietary and internally designed, built, and managed to ensure control of costs – when upgrades are needed, the City is not dependent on the goodwill of vendors. 

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