Mind Commerce Forecasts Continued Rapid Growth of Smart Phones and the Mobile Application Marketplace

Mobile Applications have taken over the mobile industry and are changing the way we use our phones forever.  Less than a decade ago our phones changed from portable telephones into mobile computing platforms providing us with a variety of information at our fingertips.  This paradigm shift has changed the industry in broad sweeping strokes: it has changed carriers, attracted software and hardware companies, and even created its own standards for web development.  

The exponential growth of this industry has turned it into a breeding ground of innovation, with new ideas being released to consumers almost daily.  The marketplace and its leaders changes year by year.  

Who will be the big players in the future?  What is this year’s Killer Application?  How will Mobile Apps change our daily lives?  What platforms are strongest for development of Mobile Apps?  How is developing for mobile platforms different than other application development?  

It is clear that the Mobile App marketplace is a fast growing segment of the mobile markets.  We estimate there will be more than $4.75 Billion in Mobile Widget sales in 2011. With the Android Market, existing markets like Handango, and the Blackberry application market, Mobile App sales could reach $8 Billion by the end of 2012, and $10-15 Billion by 2013.  Successful application stores could reach $2.2 Billion in sales per annum by 2011.  And well marketed applications could bring in a $600,000 annually.  

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About Mind Commerce

Analysis of telecom and ICT infrastructure, technologies, and applications.
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