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Smartphone Market Predictions

With Nokia and RIM struggling, the smartphone market appears to be a contest between Apple and Android products for supremacy.    RIM, which was Verizon’s flagship smartphone partner two years ago when it released the BlackBerry Storm, has seen its share … Continue reading

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BLUETOOTH Proximity Marketing Use-Case

BlueUmbrella presents an innovative approach to the applied-use of the existing Bluetooth technology and services available in most feature and smart phones as well as PDAs. The BlueUmbrella solution uses tiny, low cost beacons installed in a known indoor location … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Solution Providing Pure OSS/BSS Vendors

This class comprises of vendors that are OSS/BSS domain specialists and have solutions that can cater to all major OSS/BSS functions.  Amdocs is one of the largest OSS/BSS solutions vendors. It looks at OSS/BSS from an integrated customer management point … Continue reading

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Evolution of Service Delivery Platforms (SDP)

We saw an unprecedented change in late 1990s in enterprise applications as the grip of client-server architectures gradually relaxed and allowed the entrance of n-tiered architectures. This represented the advent of the application server, a flexible compromise between the absolutes … Continue reading

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M2M Billing Business and System Considerations

For a company entering the wireless services part of the business, or indeed a carrier entering the M2M market, billing is pivotal to success. In M2M, billing is not as straightforward as in basic consumer services that may include all-you-can-eat … Continue reading

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M2M & RFID in Healthcare

RFID and WSNs have separately been used in medical healthcare applications such as emergency care, stroke rehabilitation, dental implants, and patient and staff tracking in hospitals. However, by integrating these two technologies their potentials will be extended. The treatment quality … Continue reading

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Solutions in the M2M Business Model

Asset Tracking  This service is a mobile GPS/GPRS based system networked on the central server. Usually monitored devices are put on a wireless network and installed in remote equipment which sends DATA directly to the central server. This type of … Continue reading

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