IMS Service Configuration and Revenue Assurance Issues

Service Configuration Issues 

  • In legacy networks, service activation is as simple as activating the network, assigning capacity, configuring the network, etc.
  • With IMS, the operator must prepare for real-time delivery of multimedia services from many different sources and often invoked at the same time
  • The operator must have a service activation and network provisioning process that takes into account this complexity and has the ability to be flexible in terms of configuring which servers and operational rule shall be enacted in a given scenario

Revenue Assurance Issues

With so many new services, vendors, content providers, and the VNO model, there is increased complexity for revenue assurance

Operators must manage: 

  • Contracts with customers
  • Contracts and SLA’s with content providers
  • Clearing and settlement of revenues with content partners
  • Operators will need new tools to manage revenue assurance due to the many-to-many relationships of partners/services/services/service packages 

This is part of the Mind Commerce series, IMS Deployment Issues: HSS Migration, QoS, OSS/BSS systems, and more 

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