IMS and Network Management Issues

Multiple Services and Vendors 

  • IMS allows many new services and vendors, which causes complexity from a network management perspective
  • Operators will ideally have a unified network management system to integrate management of all disparate systems 

Networks and Services no Longer Linked 

  • In legacy wireline and wireless circuit-switched systems, the network and services are linked – if the network fails, the service fails.
  • Network management in this regime is basically fault and performance management
  • Operators must manage both physical and logical elements in IMS networks.  It is no longer efficient to simply correlate the data generated by separate network management, performance management, traffic management, QoS testing, etc. systems.  They must have truly unified systems

This is part of the Mind Commerce series, IMS Deployment Issues: HSS Migration, QoS, OSS/BSS systems, and more 

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