What is a Home Subscriber Server (HSS)?

HSS integrates several functions, some of which exist already in the functions of the Home Location Register of mobile networks:

  • Subscriber Profile Database
  • Subscriber Service Permissions
  • Subscriber Preference Settings
  • Mobile Authentication Server
  • Home Location Register (HLR) for mobile roaming
  • Subscriber Presence Function
  • Subscriber Location Function 

The Home Subscriber Server (HSS) is a critical element in the IMS model.

  • The HSS provides the subscription data for features and services and may also include the Subscriber Location Function (SLF).
  • Successful development of SIP-based applications conforming to the IMS model depends on the standards-defined interface to the HSS.
  • Through this interface the Application Servers can access subscriber data and presence data to apply among multiple services. Access to the subscriber profiles in the HSS interoperates with the Call Session Control Function (CSCF) in the Control Plane.

This is part of the Mind Commerce series, IMS Deployment Issues: HSS Migration, QoS, OSS/BSS systems, and more 

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