The OSS Value Chain

As digital services and communication networks circle the globe, carriers and service providers face decisive challenges in managing their infrastructure which is expanding with exponential growth rates. Investing on advanced, next generation OSS platforms in the only way to deal with these challenges, however the value of deploying and running complex operating and business support systems depends not only by the owner and end user, the service provider, but equally from the solution integrator and the supplier. 

Operation and business support systems in the service provider ecosystem have a substantially different lifecycle of other information technology engagements and projects. With their roots and origin mostly in IT and software development companies, OSS and BSS platforms are used by service provider and telco businesses with substantially different business models, end customers and ultimately, different mindset than the pure IT world. OSS projects typically stem from a requirement to address a specific business need, each being a unique to every organization. Often, they are a combination of solutions from more than one vendor, requiring deep integration with existing platforms. 

In terms of the future of OSS systems, we believe that the market matures as OSS ISVs are transformed from specialized & niche solution suppliers to fully fledged management platform vendors and most of them are merged or acquired by the top IT vendors (HP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, CA, EMC). 

We also see market consolidation coming.  Ultimately, the service provider management platforms and the enterprise IT management solutions will be fused into a single framework, adapted to a diverse set of infrastructure. 

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