IMS over WiMAX?

The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) framework represents an integrated traffic of Data, Voice & Video on the same networking infrastructure whereby the performance of all the three services are optimized.  WiMAX holds great promise as the potential answer to IP Multimedia for corporations. 

The vision for IMS is that an all-IP network will allow a subscriber to access a multitude of services regardless of how they access the network (cable TV modem, DSL, cellular, Wi-Fi, or WiMAX). Simply put, the subscriber will be able to access any service from IMS in and of itself is a revolutionary, if not exceptionally disruptive technology. When a low-cost, easily adopted access technology like WiMAX is mated to IMS, most business practices for legacy enterprise telecommunications become obsolete.  

Mind Commerce research has asserts that WiMAX has two major routes forward. The first is as a niche application, primarily in emerging nations or as a small-scale data overlay in developed nations. The second route is for WiMAX to be combined into the LTE standard, which would provide the LTE world with its intellectual property, helping the LTE market emulate the more open nature of the WiMAX market. 

The latter is obviously not going to happen.  We therefore assert that WiMAX will indeed be primarily an overlay solution in developed nations. 

Accordingly, IMS and LTE will be the 4G solution of choice for most ever service provider, with perhaps the few exceptions such as Sprint Nextel in the United States.  Taking everything into account, we believe that LTE has the clear lead in terms of traction and social capital within the carrier community. 

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